Rebirth of a work…

Insomnia strikes again in the wee hours of this Monday morning...Turning myself to something productive (after finding little of import on Facebook feeds and Instagram), I thought you might appreciate a post that focuses on a piece of art that I began working again, a little over a week ago.This particular piece has gone through … Continue reading Rebirth of a work…

The Point Where Hypothesis and Fact Meet

Back on August the ninth, I posted a photo of a WIP (along with the Rooster update) This is the finished piece. Honestly, I thought I would be farther along with this body of work than I am by this time of the year. Oh well.18 x 24 inch pre-stretched canvasUntitledwatercolor & InkOne of my daughters … Continue reading The Point Where Hypothesis and Fact Meet

By now we all know that my skills and patience with photography are like the trees I paint....18 x 24 inch canvasacrylics, marker and pencilUntitledIt feels good to be creating again...and there is something wonderful going on in this paintingclose up of the same paintingJohn Muir on trees:A few minutes ago every tree was excited, … Continue reading

I HATE trying to come up with a witty opening line to begin feels like Charlie Brown, after Lucy has snapped the ball away from him yet again. UGHOn matters of art: Honestly, there are not a lot. I have not been painting any the last couple of weeks. Previously, the delay was waiting for … Continue reading

Zentangle, Zendoodle or Doodle? I've recently become aware of newer terminology regarding the method or act of what is/was commonly called doodling. Copyright owners for the "zentangle" process defines it in this way: "to use a "string" which defines an area (this is usually done in pencil) and then that area is filled in with a repetitive … Continue reading

Doodle Art:Today I had time to grab the old doodle pad, and well, doodle.  I use doodling to de-stress. I started keeping them journal style a couple of years ago and have filled up an entire pad and started on another (DOODLE PAGE).  I have always been a doodler to the exasperation of my parents, teachers, co-workers … Continue reading

Just when I thought I was ready to move on from the subject of trees to something else, we visit my daughter in Charleston (SC), and I fall in love with trees all over again. The photos I am sharing today come from two specific areas, downtown in the Battery and on St. John's Island.  The … Continue reading