Amateur photographer warning…..

Like everyone else, I love to think I'm a amateur photographer, or at least a decent one. Nature always provides a beautiful canvas, too. But, I have never ventured beyond the capabilities of my current iPhone I own and it's capabilities. These were taken yesterday morning around 8 am. The suns effects on clouds and … Continue reading Amateur photographer warning…..

It has been a week ago yesterday that I slipped away for a little "sort of" adventure, for myself.  Let me preface this story, by saying that after a "girls trip" plan began to fall apart, I was stuck with a decision to make. That decision was whether to take off on the drive alone, … Continue reading

Art:This week my oldest daughter took photos on one of her outings along a beach near her. These pieces she made into black and white images. She often works in monochromatic color schemes and has an attention to DETAIL which I can never compare to.  The content, which could disturb some, arouse emotions of a … Continue reading

My View From 1502Valerie Dowdy ArtMY VIEW FROM 1502SNOW DAYFEBRUARY 13, 2014Beginning yesterday evening and throughout the night, and  into the morning, snows ranging from five to ten inches of heavy white snow covered Southwest Virginia. Transforming us instantly in to a winter wonderland. The more fortunate of us, who were able to stay in … Continue reading

Just when I thought I was ready to move on from the subject of trees to something else, we visit my daughter in Charleston (SC), and I fall in love with trees all over again. The photos I am sharing today come from two specific areas, downtown in the Battery and on St. John's Island.  The … Continue reading