Brag Post….

There are few of us today are seen without our phones, iPads, kindles or personal choices of tech products. We openly share/post where we are and what we're doing at just about any given moment, all across various social medias. But, I have discovered something unexpected. People are shy about sharing their finished/interpreted coloring pages. … Continue reading Brag Post….

I’d rather sit on a pumpkin

Art: I have been painting and sketching, at the same time. Well, maybe not exactly at the same time...but you get what I meant, right? The fall season almost upon us, so I put some that creative energy in to creating personalized work for halloween and/or fall. I have come up with a few variations that I can … Continue reading I’d rather sit on a pumpkin

aRt in ProGrEsS:The first image is a piece that I had to get out of my system. The urge to create textural pieces of art work will always be a part of me. Below it, the next piece, I have recently spoken about (the tree).  I still have not had time to make a lot of … Continue reading

My View From 1502Valerie Dowdy ArtMY VIEW FROM 1502SNOW DAYFEBRUARY 13, 2014Beginning yesterday evening and throughout the night, and  into the morning, snows ranging from five to ten inches of heavy white snow covered Southwest Virginia. Transforming us instantly in to a winter wonderland. The more fortunate of us, who were able to stay in … Continue reading

It appears that Old Man Winter has finally found Southwest Virginia.  Until last week we had been fortunate enough to have missed severe weather and enjoy relatively mild seasonal temperatures, that is, until this past week.  Not only has one winter storm blasted through (quickly thank goodness), but another is predicted to hit tonight and … Continue reading