Day 361

Friday, and then there were four---four days that is.We know (from my art history lesson last night) that from the Renaissance period until the middle of the 19th century Western Art was emphasized perspective and visual attempts to capture realism.  With changing technology, science and philosophy, artists began to draw their ideas from new theoretical … Continue reading Day 361

Day 140 …..pick something and stick to it? no way!

8x10 oils on canvasSomeone once told me that an artist should pick a genre and then produce produce produce. I agree, with the produce produce produce theory. Which is why I am in the middle of this project. As much as I understand the purpose and concept, it just is not me.  Certain aspects reoccur in … Continue reading Day 140 …..pick something and stick to it? no way!

Day 130 comptine d’un autre été

8x10    "Rhyme of Another Summer"   $125There is a song that I have been so moved by. Often, I listen to it 2 or 3 times consecutively. This song is so simple and powerful. It calms me and inspires me. If, for some reason you are not familiar with the piece, here is a link to … Continue reading Day 130 comptine d’un autre été