Who’s Ready To Color…?

  Guess what's ready  just in time for Holidays?! The weather is cooling down and the days are shorter, but that doesn't mean you can't find some creative and fun ways to distract yourself. Pick up a copy of my newest coloring book, DOGS RULE & CATS DO TOO A hand drawn collection of unique … Continue reading Who’s Ready To Color…?

Home is within….

To preface today's story, I need to remind you that back in August I turned 50. For months leading up to my birthday I felt a growing sense of urgency, and dread, yet the days continued, coming straight for me in a steady beat, closer and closer. It was becoming an anxiety, this number 50, and … Continue reading Home is within….

Snowman Dreams, Flu Bugs and Art….

Snowflake Scarf personalizedand of courseTennessee Orange personalizedAll copyrights belong to U of T                                                                                       … Continue reading Snowman Dreams, Flu Bugs and Art….

Bloom Where you are Planted

   Title: The Butterfly BushesSize: 24x30 inch Medium: acrylic on canvasContact me for Pricing*Butterfly bushes are native plants to SW Virginia. I have been on my jobs with my husband and see layers of these bushes growing and butterflies flitting all around. They line the edges of bumpy, gravel road sides and are often covered in … Continue reading Bloom Where you are Planted

The Rooster…

More often than not I have had to address the allegation of not being a 'real artist because I choose to work in abstract and surrealism. These presumptive criticisms, made by others, always include questioning my capabilities and generally come from people who lack knowledge about art. The short and long of this story is … Continue reading The Rooster…