A New Stage of Opportunity and Strength…

====================================================I have a short story to share with you about the three pieces of artwork shown below. Two of which, you may remember from my daily painting, and the third, a piece that I have never shared before. These pieces are going on an exciting and new adventure, as they are being considered for part … Continue reading A New Stage of Opportunity and Strength…

Oil and Water Don’t Mix!

Mediums: Oil v. AcrylicBefore, I have mentioned that I am working with acrylic paints. It is hard to say which medium I prefer over the other. At times, they each have a lot to offer, but for different reasons. They are unique from one another and both help me to create a variety of the … Continue reading Oil and Water Don’t Mix!

Creativity & Writing:  For a long while now, I have been struggling with the frequency of my creative inspiration (or lack of).  Mine comes and goes, mostly it seems to go. In part, this could be because I am using mine up in an unrelated field; writing. I am just now ready to admit this.((No, … Continue reading

Art:This week my oldest daughter took photos on one of her outings along a beach near her. These pieces she made into black and white images. She often works in monochromatic color schemes and has an attention to DETAIL which I can never compare to.  The content, which could disturb some, arouse emotions of a … Continue reading

 Lassie Project Update:Today I reapplied a layer of under painting. What is under painting? An under painting is an thin layer of paint applied as a base for the following subsequent layers of paint. Under painting is sometimes monochromatic and there are several ways to use the technique to define color values for later layers. Example of verdaille paintingOriginally, verdaccio became an integral … Continue reading

Lassie  6 or 8 weeks oldToday the sun is shining so brightly that you can not help but feel your spirits raise, at least a little.If I could bottle a little, I would like to send some to friends in Gaylord, MI, who have been buried under overcast skies and mounds of snow for months … Continue reading

 If you have read any of this blog at all, or know me personally, then you know I have an interest and fascination for trees that borders on obsession. So, when out to stock up on art supplies, I ran across this metal tree wall art/decor  ....how could I not bring it home with me? The only … Continue reading