By now we all know that my skills and patience with photography are like the trees I paint....18 x 24 inch canvasacrylics, marker and pencilUntitledIt feels good to be creating again...and there is something wonderful going on in this paintingclose up of the same paintingJohn Muir on trees:A few minutes ago every tree was excited, … Continue reading

*****************************WARNING***************************For those of you who are timid OR uncomfortable with color,todays work will most likely startle and/or overwhelm you. *******************************12 x 24 inch canvasacrylics and markerUntitledToday I decided to experiment. In this painting, I combined all the elements that I am currently using. Yet, what created seems different-subdued but saturated at the same time.At its root … Continue reading

Some of you have already seen my newest surreal tree art. (well, the mostly completed version of it anyway) I thought the tree looked kind of "floaty". I went back in and gave the back ground some details to help ground the tree image. If you are wondering about the canvas, well it is not one I could … Continue reading

Dwelling in the Present

Homemade Cabbage SoupEasy to Make Snow Day!!!!! Yep you read that correctly....March 25, and we have snow.  You know what that means don't you?  Soup!!  No worries this is not becoming a food blog, I just want to brag a bit..... Topped the bowl off with a bit of parmesan cheese and a dollop of sour cream.Complete … Continue reading Dwelling in the Present