Rainbows, Real and Imagined…they’re both art

Flower #4 This is one is my favorite digital flowers so far. Repeat info: digitally created paintings using my apple pencil and autodesk sketchbook pro app ___________________________The meanings of roses all come together in one flower: love, joy, happiness, passion, desire, fascination and so on. Hope this one amuses you in some way. "don't gain the world, and lose your … Continue reading Rainbows, Real and Imagined…they’re both art

Peace & A Pink Peony….

I told you there was another one in progress...and here it is!Happy Friday & Peace,Valerie If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.~Doug Larson Author of A Hitchhikers Guide

Lazy Days, Mountains, and Sangria Saturday….

Saved this post to share on #winewednesdayOn Saturday we were trying to find ways to beat the heat ) here in Lynchburg! This mountain girl is STILL trying to adjust to the altitude, humidity and heat levels here, Whew....It was 103 (Fahrenheit) at 5 pm yesterday evening. We decided to explore a local winery. And by local, I mean a 15 … Continue reading Lazy Days, Mountains, and Sangria Saturday….

Its A Series, Right…?

If there are at least two and one more in progress, then, it is a series, right??I am creating these images in the Autodesk Sketchbook App on my iPad Pro, using my apple pencil. I am very pleased with the ease of use and features of this program. The floral designs are very different from my usual style … Continue reading Its A Series, Right…?

Bloom and Grow…

Happy Friday!(I think I am addicted to my Apple Pencil and not quite sure whether to ask for help or celebrate the fact. :)Before we moved, one of my job responsibilities was to submit a weekly report to the boss.  He had just taken office in January and used this exercise as a tool to learn … Continue reading Bloom and Grow…

Pack, Unpack, Move….repeat

My goodness, if anyone ever tells you moving is not too difficult, thena) they do not own many material things or b) they are lying. Since January 1, I have experienced a lot of transition in both my personal and professional life. For some reason, the expectation is that change will be negative. That is simply not … Continue reading Pack, Unpack, Move….repeat

Meet “Sassy Wine Chick”….

Living in the Central Virginia, I have been inspired over the last few days, and I began to brainstorm an idea for a design. "Sassy."  Sassy morphed into a combination of myself and my two daughters. (they always say to draw what you know right?) So, what else could I do? From there, Sassy grew … Continue reading Meet “Sassy Wine Chick”….

Its All About That Pie…That Butterscotch Pie

Are you are wondering whats up with all the recent posts to my blog? Figured you might be....   We moved recently. I feel like we are 2/3 here in our new place and still 1/3 in our old place. My art supplies took a back seat in the initial move. So, here I am, no job, boxes … Continue reading Its All About That Pie…That Butterscotch Pie

Lets Talk About Farmers Markets, Tag Sales and Baby goats

Let's talk about Saturday. It was a fun day out exploring my new community.The day started with a trip into downtown Lynchburg, checking out the farmers & community market. There was a cornucopia of smells, sights, people and sounds! The aroma of coffee and fresh roasting beans, foods of all sorts were being prepared and … Continue reading Lets Talk About Farmers Markets, Tag Sales and Baby goats