Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone! Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I am not a fan of snow, or winter time, but last year someone challenged me to do something more traditional. This was it, and I think it is wintery/christmasy! I gifted this to my mom and she puts it up during the winter. From Valerie Dowdy Art, … Continue reading Happy Holidays


Trees, I always find my way back to trees. Trees keep me grounded. (pun intended)__________________________________________________________Landscapedigital art Prints Anyone?I have a printing source, and now offer affordable prints. Pricing examples: 8x10 matte finish paper ........................................$30.00*8x10 decor textured paper.....................................$32.50**plus shipping and taxescontact me for a quotes on other sizesTreedigital art“A tree stands strong not by its fruits or branches, but by the … Continue reading Trees

Snowman Dreams, Flu Bugs and Art….

Snowflake Scarf personalizedand of courseTennessee Orange personalizedAll copyrights belong to U of T                                                                                       … Continue reading Snowman Dreams, Flu Bugs and Art….

Bloom Where you are Planted

   Title: The Butterfly BushesSize: 24x30 inch Medium: acrylic on canvasContact me for Pricing*Butterfly bushes are native plants to SW Virginia. I have been on my jobs with my husband and see layers of these bushes growing and butterflies flitting all around. They line the edges of bumpy, gravel road sides and are often covered in … Continue reading Bloom Where you are Planted

A New Stage of Opportunity and Strength…

====================================================I have a short story to share with you about the three pieces of artwork shown below. Two of which, you may remember from my daily painting, and the third, a piece that I have never shared before. These pieces are going on an exciting and new adventure, as they are being considered for part … Continue reading A New Stage of Opportunity and Strength…

Set Painting for a local theatre production window(we gotta give back, right??)One of the cool things about artists, crafts people, and local business owners is thatwe love to share/trade/bargain with each other for projects.A certain friend of ours, is a great Dr. Who fan. He really wanted a scarf. I am not into the series, … Continue reading

Lassie  6 or 8 weeks oldToday the sun is shining so brightly that you can not help but feel your spirits raise, at least a little.If I could bottle a little, I would like to send some to friends in Gaylord, MI, who have been buried under overcast skies and mounds of snow for months … Continue reading