Home is within….

To preface today's story, I need to remind you that back in August I turned 50. For months leading up to my birthday I felt a growing sense of urgency, and dread, yet the days continued, coming straight for me in a steady beat, closer and closer. It was becoming an anxiety, this number 50, and … Continue reading Home is within….

The Point Where Hypothesis and Fact Meet

Back on August the ninth, I posted a photo of a WIP (along with the Rooster update) This is the finished piece. Honestly, I thought I would be farther along with this body of work than I am by this time of the year. Oh well.18 x 24 inch pre-stretched canvasUntitledwatercolor & InkOne of my daughters … Continue reading The Point Where Hypothesis and Fact Meet

I’d rather sit on a pumpkin

Art: I have been painting and sketching, at the same time. Well, maybe not exactly at the same time...but you get what I meant, right? The fall season almost upon us, so I put some that creative energy in to creating personalized work for halloween and/or fall. I have come up with a few variations that I can … Continue reading I’d rather sit on a pumpkin

Where the Rooster Crows there is a Village….

My knowledge on anything barnyard related is pretty much non-existant. About a year ago, I created this rooster painting on a 12 x 12 inch watercolor canvas, after some goading, which led me to surfing the internet for chicken/rooster images. I painted this guy. He's been laying around in my studio ever since and I had not given … Continue reading Where the Rooster Crows there is a Village….

This morning the sun shines brightly and looks to be the beginning of a beautiful Friday. Unfortunately, I have an eye appointment or I would have made no plans, but 'to soak up the sun'.Ok, moving on...Art:I have just a few details left to add to the hair on this piece, and I realized that I … Continue reading

While I am pretty sure that I can not top the cool post from a few days ago, it is time to update ye old blog again. There is something beneficial or therapeutic even, about posting works in progress online. Viewing them here somehow helps me to see the areas which need more work or have … Continue reading