Evolution of Substance….

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I am painting a violin for a fundraising Gala for Symphony of the Mountains. The piece is finished and making its way to one of the organization members. I have never painted an instrument before and I knew there would be unique challenges to creating a design which would … Continue reading Evolution of Substance….

Snow day….

Mother Nature certainly knows how to distract me and everyone else, with a big ole white fluffy surprise! White and fluffy...as in SNOW...yep I said snow. We've heaps of it piled up, accumulating up to 12-15 inches here in my county, and Depending where you are, some have as much as 24 + inches. And the ringer...? … Continue reading Snow day….

It’s a good thing….

Progress report on Art: Meh, not so much. The tree has come to a stand still. I think I just need to study it a while. I feel like I am close to being where I need to stop.  The painting and I will occupy space together for a bit and we will see how things … Continue reading It’s a good thing….


After spending days in a flurry (pun intended) of painting snowmen, I've suddenly come to a screeching halt. I am out of canvas! How did I let this happen you wonder? I have been so busy painting that I was not keeping a close enough check on my dwindling inventory and the next thing I knew … Continue reading Holidaze!

Holiday Season Opens Early…

As fall weather brings out weather that varies from cool frosts, sunny and/or rainy days, it seems to have stimulated my friends, neighbors and coworkers holiday spirit. I, certainly find that it is easier to focus on the holidays and shopping when mother nature reminds me with beautiful colors, falling leaves, frosts and cool temperatures, … Continue reading Holiday Season Opens Early…

Being Thankful…

Night Light Star and Beautiful Colors from my Studio WindowsIt would appear that a lot of folks are gearing up and ready for the holidays, which I am glad to see and hear. I love to be busy and having fun, creating something special for you to share with your loved ones. That said, I will … Continue reading Being Thankful…

I’d rather sit on a pumpkin

Art: I have been painting and sketching, at the same time. Well, maybe not exactly at the same time...but you get what I meant, right? The fall season almost upon us, so I put some that creative energy in to creating personalized work for halloween and/or fall. I have come up with a few variations that I can … Continue reading I’d rather sit on a pumpkin

I hope everyone had a great holiday and is gearing up for a new year. Because, ready or not it is hereI have slacked in blogging, but for a legitimate reason- I've been personalizing snowmen, painting ornaments and feeling very fortunate-if a little overwhelmed at times! Thank you all for the positive response and support. … Continue reading

With less than two weeks left until Christmas I have been cranking out snowmen, ornament paintings, ornaments with paintings, and the like. I ran across this quote by Andy Warhol this week. It really resonates with me and I want to share it with you in this post. Most likely it become a permanent feature … Continue reading

Ive been a busy painter today and my back is not happy.  This post comes with the usual disclaimer/apology for the lousy quality and today color of the photos.  Yes the painting is for sale, if you have any questions contact me: valerie@valeriedowdy.comThere is an email link button feature just added top right of the … Continue reading