For Sale On Amazon

Cha-Ching! Abstract Expressions Coloring Book by Valerie Dowdy on Amazonclick link above to take you to the pageMy Amazon listing is live and working.Creating a self-published coloring book has been no easy task, and I seem to know just enough about technology to get myself in to trouble. I persevered.Seeing the listing has made me proud and excited....imagine … Continue reading For Sale On Amazon

Are You A Crayon Or A Marker Person? Perhaps You Are Somewhere In-Between?

Partial shipment of coloring books are in, and reactions are positive!Abstract Expressions by Valerie DowdyAs I am organizing some paperwork this morning, it occurs to me that many of you will soon be coloring and enjoying drawings that are my creations. Wow. This kind of messes with my mind, but in a good way, as I … Continue reading Are You A Crayon Or A Marker Person? Perhaps You Are Somewhere In-Between?

Life is like a box of crayons…

I have news! No, the coloring book is not finished, BUT, I just sent it to the printer. To add to my excitement, a friend emailed me a link of a story about a #countrymusic performer #MirandaLambert who has recently discovered the benefits of, and begun to use #coloring as #meditation and #relaxation from her stressful schedule. … Continue reading Life is like a box of crayons…

Coming Soon…..

Where to start? Lately, It seems that I am either wide open and elbow deep in art work and projects or completely stagnant. Recently, I've read about the growing resurgence of interest in coloring, not just for children, but for adults too. The meditative benefits and de-stressing are multitudinous, all you have to do is pick up … Continue reading Coming Soon…..