Brag Post….

There are few of us today are seen without our phones, iPads, kindles or personal choices of tech products. We openly share/post where we are and what we're doing at just about any given moment, all across various social medias. But, I have discovered something unexpected. People are shy about sharing their finished/interpreted coloring pages. … Continue reading Brag Post….

Art in the Park….

Don't Forget:ART IN THE PARKcome down and help me color this poster sized coloring page! and of course buy Abstract Expressions Coloring Books!WHEN: SEPTEMBER 12, 2015LOCATION: THE PARK! Norton, Virginia 24273EVENT TIME: 6-10:00 PMPurchase coloring books directly from me on the left side of this blog page and have them mailed directly to you or whomever you … Continue reading Art in the Park….