Its A Series, Right…?

If there are at least two and one more in progress, then, it is a series, right??I am creating these images in the Autodesk Sketchbook App on my iPad Pro, using my apple pencil. I am very pleased with the ease of use and features of this program. The floral designs are very different from my usual style … Continue reading Its A Series, Right…?

Its All About That Pie…That Butterscotch Pie

Are you are wondering whats up with all the recent posts to my blog? Figured you might be....   We moved recently. I feel like we are 2/3 here in our new place and still 1/3 in our old place. My art supplies took a back seat in the initial move. So, here I am, no job, boxes … Continue reading Its All About That Pie…That Butterscotch Pie

Creativity & Writing:  For a long while now, I have been struggling with the frequency of my creative inspiration (or lack of).  Mine comes and goes, mostly it seems to go. In part, this could be because I am using mine up in an unrelated field; writing. I am just now ready to admit this.((No, … Continue reading

Sometimes a step backward can help assure you are still traveling the path which you should be. For example, these paintings are what brought me to my interest in surrealism and how combining doodling, ink, pencil, watercolors & oil these paintings took shape. Not many see these pieces, they are a series of self portraits. … Continue reading

Painted in 2001Yesterday I spent some time going through some older artwork and materials in the basement, this is where I had originally set up my studio area. In one corner there are shelves where we store different things. Things such as, stuff we inherited from the past owner, canned green beans (yes I canned … Continue reading