Colors like words in poems….

Please permit me minute before I begin my post to shamelessly plug my page on facebook. This is where I advertise the custom and personalized things like nursery art, wall art signs, lamps, totes, furniture or whatever. (you get the idea, right?)The Custom Brush <---click the title and it will take you directly to the site. Art updates:While working … Continue reading Colors like words in poems….


We all approach pain/loss/death in a different manner. It is true that an artists mind is wired differently, in that their brains allow them to think more metaphorically, which is what allows them to be more creative. The precuneus region is where this takes place,it is involved in a range of functions but basically linked to … Continue reading Grieving

 If you have read any of this blog at all, or know me personally, then you know I have an interest and fascination for trees that borders on obsession. So, when out to stock up on art supplies, I ran across this metal tree wall art/decor could I not bring it home with me? The only … Continue reading

I HATE trying to come up with a witty opening line to begin feels like Charlie Brown, after Lucy has snapped the ball away from him yet again. UGHOn matters of art: Honestly, there are not a lot. I have not been painting any the last couple of weeks. Previously, the delay was waiting for … Continue reading

Doodle Art:Today I had time to grab the old doodle pad, and well, doodle.  I use doodling to de-stress. I started keeping them journal style a couple of years ago and have filled up an entire pad and started on another (DOODLE PAGE).  I have always been a doodler to the exasperation of my parents, teachers, co-workers … Continue reading