As one holiday weekend wears down I am gearing up for yet another one.  My ornaments are all painted, signed and numbered.  I have purchased gift bags, tissue and attached a gift tag to the bags to make it super easy for purchasing these ornaments as gifts. When I came up with the idea of … Continue reading HAND PAINTED GLASS ORNAMENTS ARE HERE!

Greetings and Salutations,Open House went great, and we all sold a few things. (even better news) Everyone seemed to be pleased and excited about what we are doing, and the musicians were a big hit as they set up on the street in front of our store and performed.  In fact, they trumped us in … Continue reading

Catch up time….

Good Monday evening to you,I opened up our shop today in what began as a rainy Monday but thankfully improved into a sunny afternoon.  I had a several visitors today, a couple that live in New York were passing through and stopped to visit us.  The wife had a very heavy accent and when I … Continue reading Catch up time….