Greetings, don’t pass out, two posts in one week!?! When I am struggling with anything (in this case, the holidays ending) I use the exercise of doodling to help me regroup, focus, and regain concentration. It works like meditation for me. if you’re interested in purchasing a pdf of any doodle pages, please contact me. … Continue reading Doodling

Art For Arts Sake…

I'm not a big fan of the expression Art For Arts Sake, let me explain why. Because it implies that there is no real art being created any longer. Art is progressive in its very nature. But, when the recreations of past generations of study are copied for the purpose of selling to the masses art … Continue reading Art For Arts Sake…

The Custom Brush Store

The Custom Brush StoreIf you do not shop on the large sites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble purchase my coloring books and calendars directly from me use the above link to go directly to my online store. ***********I can personalize your books with a message & signatureand mail it directly to the recipient of your choice Save on … Continue reading The Custom Brush Store


As it always seems with my life and work, things come in a "feast or famine" sort of waving pattern. THREE events to cover in one weekend! Go figure. But, with the help of Ashley, Amy and Co-Author Daniel, we successfully represented all three events in two days!  A few months previously, I was invited … Continue reading feasting..

Abstract Expressions Enjoys Nationwide Visitors….

We came, we colored and we had a blast! Thank you Kingsport Fun Fest and the many smiling faces I met this past weekend. You made my day special and fun.Please enjoy this slideshow of ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONS COLORING BOOK booth some of my visitors during the Maker Faire this past Saturday. I am very pleased with how the event turned … Continue reading Abstract Expressions Enjoys Nationwide Visitors….

Coloring My OWN Coloring Book felt a little weird and a LOT cool…

Today I posted a photo in social media of a coloring page that I colored. It is a page from my own coloring book. Why am I telling you this? Because, I am experimenting to see what materials I like the best. A lot of coloring book fans prefer colored pencils, markers, some like gel pens and … Continue reading Coloring My OWN Coloring Book felt a little weird and a LOT cool…

Sneak Peek & Event Schedule…..

Sorry! I have been a terrible blogger ((again)). It's hard not to suck at this whole social media game, for me as an artist, I just want to draw, paint or sell! Who doesn't though, right?So, here is what I have been doing while I have been leaving the site unattended....I have been working to … Continue reading Sneak Peek & Event Schedule…..