Clothing & Gift Options…

More wearable art options options available on RedBubble using my original art work!  Valerie Dowdy Wearable Art at RedBubble  

Good evening dear friends,Hopefully, you are wondering what I have been up to for the past week and why I have not posted. My husband and I ventured out on our first vacation sans children.  Who, well, lets just be honest here, are far from being children.  Being a close family, we have always spent … Continue reading

Today is our soft opening….

Greetings,Today I am up early on a Monday (well I wake up early everyday), but today there is a special purpose.  The studio (Artisans of the Gap) is open today for what we are calling a soft opening.  These will be our hours for the rest of the month Monday through Wednesday 10-3pm. Then, beginning in … Continue reading Today is our soft opening….