Greetings, I’ve been super busy working on seasonal wall art, holiday themed cards, gift sets of coloring books, and I’ve recently begun creating clay pendants. Whew, no wonder my days seem to fly by lately! (Check the pages for updates I’m working on!) Ive added a couple more pages to the site, so you can … Continue reading Updates


A lot of my work happens without any conscious decision or direction. What I mean by this, is that I do not always begin with a clear concept or idea in mind.  But rather the process begins as a doodling exercise, or in an effort to clear my thoughts and mentally change gears. As I … Continue reading Finished!

Weekend Warrior (it’s not what you think!) 

Friday! TGIF! #fridayfeeling (I think you get my point-I'm happy it's Friday!)  I should preface this blog post with the fact there's not much art going on here for the next few days. Either, visit me later or join in on a little canine adventure.  Our weekend will begin with a first for all three … Continue reading Weekend Warrior (it’s not what you think!) 

Check Out My New Digs…

So.... where the heck have I been, right? It's a very long story, but if you like, I am back and ready to share. Let's roll back the clock about a year, and since I am not one for sharing a lot of personal details, let me try my best to nutshell this story.  I came … Continue reading Check Out My New Digs…

A New Journey Begins: Traditional to Farmhouse Fabulous

As promised, I am back to say hello! and offer up my excuse for lack of blogging: I am moving! Our lives were turned sideways a few months back, and because of this major change, we are moving. Being fortunate enough to have several options was really nice, too! We will be saying goodbye to our big, … Continue reading A New Journey Begins: Traditional to Farmhouse Fabulous