Colors like words in poems….

Please permit me minute before I begin my post to shamelessly plug my page on facebook. This is where I advertise the custom and personalized things like nursery art, wall art signs, lamps, totes, furniture or whatever. (you get the idea, right?)The Custom Brush <---click the title and it will take you directly to the site. Art updates:While working … Continue reading Colors like words in poems….

Rebirth of a work…

Insomnia strikes again in the wee hours of this Monday morning...Turning myself to something productive (after finding little of import on Facebook feeds and Instagram), I thought you might appreciate a post that focuses on a piece of art that I began working again, a little over a week ago.This particular piece has gone through … Continue reading Rebirth of a work…

Oil and Water Don’t Mix!

Mediums: Oil v. AcrylicBefore, I have mentioned that I am working with acrylic paints. It is hard to say which medium I prefer over the other. At times, they each have a lot to offer, but for different reasons. They are unique from one another and both help me to create a variety of the … Continue reading Oil and Water Don’t Mix!

This morning the sun shines brightly and looks to be the beginning of a beautiful Friday. Unfortunately, I have an eye appointment or I would have made no plans, but 'to soak up the sun'.Ok, moving on...Art:I have just a few details left to add to the hair on this piece, and I realized that I … Continue reading

 If you have read any of this blog at all, or know me personally, then you know I have an interest and fascination for trees that borders on obsession. So, when out to stock up on art supplies, I ran across this metal tree wall art/decor could I not bring it home with me? The only … Continue reading

Painted in 2001Yesterday I spent some time going through some older artwork and materials in the basement, this is where I had originally set up my studio area. In one corner there are shelves where we store different things. Things such as, stuff we inherited from the past owner, canned green beans (yes I canned … Continue reading