Altered Art Brushes

I have a recent growing interest in altered art. In particular altered paintbrushes. I've used brushes in my work a few times, and I've always felt that used paintbrushes have an unseemly and sad ending in their lives. It's an attachment that I feel to a particular brush that wears just how I like, or applies … Continue reading Altered Art Brushes

Giclée or Not to Giclée…

News:If you have ever been interested in my artwork, but for various reasons were unable to commit to a purchase then I have some news I hope will rekindle your  attention. After meeting with a contractor, I now have access to reasonably priced giclée prints. In return, I am now able to offer you a variety … Continue reading Giclée or Not to Giclée…

Bloom Where you are Planted

   Title: The Butterfly BushesSize: 24x30 inch Medium: acrylic on canvasContact me for Pricing*Butterfly bushes are native plants to SW Virginia. I have been on my jobs with my husband and see layers of these bushes growing and butterflies flitting all around. They line the edges of bumpy, gravel road sides and are often covered in … Continue reading Bloom Where you are Planted

creative activity

woman can best re-find herself in some sort of creative activity of her ownAnne Morrow LindberghJust in case you thought I have been lazy, uncreative or lost...  A little proof that I although I have not been blogging, it does not mean that I have not been creating....24 x 24 inch prestretched canvasacrylics & inkuntitled12 … Continue reading creative activity

I’d rather sit on a pumpkin

Art: I have been painting and sketching, at the same time. Well, maybe not exactly at the same time...but you get what I meant, right? The fall season almost upon us, so I put some that creative energy in to creating personalized work for halloween and/or fall. I have come up with a few variations that I can … Continue reading I’d rather sit on a pumpkin