Creativity & Writing:  For a long while now, I have been struggling with the frequency of my creative inspiration (or lack of).  Mine comes and goes, mostly it seems to go. In part, this could be because I am using mine up in an unrelated field; writing. I am just now ready to admit this.((No, … Continue reading

…as 2011 comes to an end

Untitled (for now) 18 x 24Mixed MediaI am definitely in an art making mood!With more spare time than should be my share, I am creating in several genres. The image above is the current piece on my easel. ( I THINK it is finished).I have been sharing the progress with you in recent weeks.  If you … Continue reading …as 2011 comes to an end

Day 365…Le Grande Finale

Tuesday.September 20, 2011. Approaching tonight's blog is no less taxing than any other night.  On the matter of perfecting or honing my skills, I will confess that I have fallen short of the goal.  In the scheme of things does it hurt my creativity? I can not truly say, and I must admit that I am … Continue reading Day 365…Le Grande Finale