About Me

Being a visual artist does not automatically make composing words to describe your work easy. The images I create are interpretations of internal thoughts and emotions, as well as, external examinations and representations of nature and people. 

Although I have worked in different genres of art through the years, abstract expressionism always seems to be the home to which I return, until recently. I am exploring a field of study where i combine a surrealistic style art, with my art doodling. Currently, I am developing these pieces into a body of work.

I feel a physical and emotional connection to painting, and these responses fuel and give an impetus that allows my artistic creativity to emerge.

When I began My View From 1502 art blog, back in September 2010, It did not take long before I realized that I was not the only person involved. This year long journey would become much more important than just creating art every day. The responses from others became a source of energy and at times a liability. They were the and force, which encouraged and drove me along the way. 

I do not know when or where this blog will end, but I know I have to let “my view” lead and guide. Sometimes I consider giving up-I am glad I have not. As you view a day’s work or post from this project, past or present, it is my wish that you will leave with a better understanding and appreciation for me, my process, and creation.

I love to hear from people! Thanks for sharing the journey,