On this rainy Monday morning I will be heading downtown 
to open the studio from 10-3 pm, 
if you are in my area come by and see me!

     If we were to make comparisons in creativity exercises for the weekend, I am not sure exactly where I would land.  But, my time spent with most of my family, playing outdoors (aka landscaping), good food, movies and a small unplanned reunion of friends count, I am somewhere very near the top.

If not……who cares?

this morning
This morning

  As a reminder of what I am currently working on in the studio I am reposting my surreal tree (for lack of a better definition) and the landscape I am redoing from the my view daily paintings.  I believe it will have dried enough to continue work on.  The question is which one will successfully win my attention. I really am not sure, until I get there today.

this evening
This evening

As the morning escapes me and I need to get myself organized. I leave you with this, it is better to travel well than to arrive. ~buddha

The before and after of today’s painting efforts in the studio.



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