Day 336 T minus 29 days and counting…

8 x 10 oil on canvas

  Monday, and another sunny day is coming to a close. I hope you took some time to enjoy the sunshine.  As evening approaches I hear the cicadas, and their nightly chorus is as a dirge-fall is coming.  
  Here in the mountains the trees will trade in their hazy greens and begin to look as if they are afire with orange, reds, and yellows. It is so beautiful, as if an artist has painted them each individually. I find it the the most beautiful season here in the Appalachian Mountains, but like a firecracker, it explodes-leaves you breathless-and then gone just as quickly.

29 days left!!!!


One thought on “Day 336 T minus 29 days and counting…

  1. Another lovely painting! I know that you're excited about the end of this venture – I know I would be! I've got to hand it to you, though – a painting a day for a year is one huge undertaking! I wish I could see your show – I hope you will post a lot of pictures! Hugs!

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