Day 307…rainy days and Sunday’s…

8 x 10 (landscape)

always make me sleepy! It has rained a sum total of 4 times here today. As a child I was conditioned (by a clever mom) or trained (however you want to look at it) that I am sleepy and need to take a nap when it rains. Today, was no exception, and I finally lost the battle.

I think any mom clever enough to convince three wild rambunctious children they are sleepy-on command, is a powerful woman to be reckoned with. After all this time my brother, sister and I still fight off the yawns and often have to give in to a nap on dreary, rainy afternoons.

This story has absolutely no relevance to my art, but one I felt compelled to share.  Here is to all the clever mothers out there!


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