Day 303…sailboats at dusk

12 x 12 inches oil on canvas

Sailboats at Dusk
This piece is for those who love the ocean.
 For those of you that breathe deeply the smells and taste of salty sea.
To you who feel the breeze as a warm and loving hand.
 Who see sparkling gems glowing in the sand,
that reflect the light as it sifts through your hand.
 To you who watch as the sun slides toward the horizon
 Sky and sun lost in intimate passion

….this painting is for you,
…this painting is for you.



4 thoughts on “Day 303…sailboats at dusk

  1. Love it!! I can't wait to see it in person—- I may have to add it to my dibs list. skq

  2. Out of all your abstracts I really like this one madre! Love ya!

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