DAY 295…peace and love

8 x 10 acrylics on canvas

Peace & Love

Today I was challenged to create something that represents the above title, it actually was in jest to something Ringo Starr said in a youtube video. A friend suggested using his comment “peace and love” for my inspiration in my work tonight.  I, of course like the idea, and had no trouble coming up with art that says  “peace and love” valerie style.

The website below tells the story of the song ONE LOVE and others similar to it that I listen to while painting.  I like to share them every chance I can because  I believe it goes along with the art perfectly.

Go check out the song and read about the project playing for change  from the link I am providing tonight.


One thought on “DAY 295…peace and love

  1. Oh wow, Valerie! Thanks so much for the link – I love that music. Think I'll have to put it on my Nano!

    Peace out – Nancy

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