Day 264 Day Lilies

oil on wood panel
18×24 Painting from 2000!

Today, I am painting early again, because I want the rest of the day to hang with my hubby. I was looking at some older pieces of art and I Thought I would post them for you to see also. They caught my attention. Sometimes, looking back is as helpful as looking forward. It will hels you to see where you need or can go.

8×10 oil on canvas
This is today’s piece of art. I started not to give it a title. But, I thought, well, it seemed to get some positive response so why not. I arrived at this piece pretty easy. My influence of course being outside. I was wandering around in the yard, coffee cup in hand, checking on my landscaping, and it is as simple as that.
Day Lilies

2 thoughts on “Day 264 Day Lilies

  1. Nancy! I adopted the following philosophy a long time ago- "its only paint".

    If you muck it up, Gesso or White Acrylic makes it all go away!!

    Let me know how things turn out.


  2. Gorgeous! I'm amazed that you can produce such interesting art every single day! I'm still gathering up courage to start my new mixed media piece!

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